In today’s times, where most people work within the vicinity of their homes, one of the most crucial things is to ensure efficient and effective communication. However, achieving this is easier said than done.

Luckily, the rapid progression of technology can now enable better connection and understanding between employees to keep the company successful at a high rate despite competitor threats and constantly evolving industries.

One of the products of technological advancement towards more stable communication is the TELUS Business Connect. To know more about what this product offers, continue reading this article.

All About TELUS Business Connect

The TELUS Business Connect is a system that allows professionals to communicate effectively and smoothly with coworkers, clients, and colleagues at all times at an advanced level.

With TELUS Business Connect, its users receive high-quality audio, image, voice, video, and communication features that may exceed any other system one has experienced. All these tools can be used to get in touch with certain people despite the distance.

What Powers the TELUS Business Connect?

The VOIP technology runs the Voice over Internet Protocol system, wherein the data from the analog phone system is altered and transformed into a form of data that is far more compatible with the device used.

With this, any form of engagement can be done online as long as there is a stable internet connection. This then makes the VOIP technology an extremely convenient and practical option to keep employees connected and multifaceted.

Benefits of the VOIP System

Here are some of the many advantages of the VOIP phone system:

Better call quality
Advanced Safety and Security measures
Less operating and hardware costs
Compatible with more devices
No long-distance fees
Wider range of comprehensive and efficient features
Easy to install and expand
Easy to modify and maintain
User-friendly features for video and audio meeting

Why use the TELUS Business Connect?

To fill in the features that the VOIP phone system alone cannot provide, your best bet is to integrate the TELUS Business Connect along with it to ensure an improved business phone system. By using Business Connect in the workplace, there will be an assured improvement when it comes to communicating with fellow workers and clients.

The outstanding and efficient features of the Business Connect are what make this possible. It allows users to subscribe to better time management, better work etiquette and attitude, and an overall stress-free work environment with their enhanced company phone systems.

Increased Productivity

With reduced business phone disruptions, businesses and employees will have no worries when it comes to fielding calls. They will instead be able to have more productive hours wherein they can keep their minds focused on crucial tasks and calls, which lessens the stress in the workplace.

In addition, the system automatically directs calls to available devices to make sure that all calls are accommodated and entertained. As a result, employees are kept level-headed and focused on the more important tasks at hand and can effectively juggle their time and communicate with clients more smoothly.


A better Business Connect system will eventually lead to higher profit for businesses, as its features lessen the overall costs for maintenance, implementation, and enhancement than another phone system.

Investing in this system will be most beneficial in the long term, ensuring more effective fund management.

Global Communication

Forget about the expensive cost for handsets as the TELUS business phone works computers, tablets, smartphones, laptops and desk phones.

As Business Connect offers global communication, expect more opportunities opened for business advancement as it is introduced to potential markets and clients from all over the globe. This allows companies to generate ideas that may lead them closer to their goal.


Lastly, the improved communication system will keep employees and clients at ease as it assures that all calls will be noticed and all inquiries will be addressed. With this, a less stressful work environment keeps employees motivated in working on satisfying their clients.

After all, morale boost and consistent employee growth are the keys to having more skilled and loyal employees that all work for the betterment of the company.